the streets refuse to sleep

Even after the bars close (and despite the signs signaling “no parades!”) the Bogotá streets refuse to let the revelers wind down. More singing, dancing, and carousing ensued … and it wasn’t our fault. It was the streets I tell you …


Custom LBD

Continuum is a project of designer Mary Huang that allows participants to create a “little black dress” using an interactive dimensional design tool.

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Wear, donate, repeat! I mean Repat!

I went thru a phase where I shopped regularly at secondhand stores, looking for that perfect grungy, vintage-y outfit to suit my mood.  And while I occasionally visit consignment shops now, they’re not the staples they used to be. Continue Reading →


Yes, I’d like another easy button. Thanks.

Just when I thought Craigslist couldn’t take up any more of my time, the guys at Craigseasy took it one step further and created this nice little bookmarklet. Turn any CL search into a nice image list by installing this little gem in your Firefox browser. Continue Reading →


i think it has sole …

I ran across these shoes at and I was struck … Continue Reading →


hello, guideguide. thanks for helping me with photoshop

Designer Cameron McEfee has created GuideGuide, a columns, rows and midpoints panel for Photoshop CS4 & CS5. Continue Reading →